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Design/Build - "step by step"

Every design/build firm should follow a logical process in the design and estimating of a complex project. Our goal is to create the renovation or addition you want.on time and within budget. We work through a four step process to make sure our clients are satisfied with the design before we begin building.

Our initial in-home consultation is free. We follow up with a quote for design services for your proposed addition/renovation. Should you decide to proceed with the project, as specified in a design contract, we begin our four step planning and design process.

  2. We measure the existing structure to draw up scale plans and elevations. We also write down a "program" that reflects your list of wants and desires.


  4. This is the heart of the design process. Your ideas and ours come together in a series of sketches that reflect the design elements you want, with the function you need. We also begin the selection process for fixtures, finishes, cabinets and appliances. Once you are satisfied and approve the design sketches, we are ready for step three.


  6. We create a hardline drafting of the design sketches. These plans include building and design specifications, dimensions, building materials, appliances and finishes. Here we review budget and determine costs.


  8. When you sign off on the working drawings we will submit the final estimate for the building portion of the project. The working drawings are now in hand to obtain permits
You're now ready to start construction!

Working with your Architect - "Part of the Team"

Perhaps the most exciting time in the building process is putting your "dream house" on paper, with your architect. Plans are made, finishes chosen, design elements fixed. you can "see" your project take shape. We all know how disappointing it is, however to discover the design exceeds the budget. We'd like you to avoid making this common mistake. If we are involved in the early stages of your project, we can verify that the scope of your project meets the proposed budget.

As a team member, we will work with your architects. We will help you keep the project within your budget. As building cost consultants we charge $100 per hour, saving you time and money by avoiding costly re-design fees later on.


When we are approached by a homeowner or an architect with a set of plans we outline what preconstruction services involve. A good deal of work is always required to close the distance between reviewing drawings at your property and starting. This is why we charge an average of 1% of the estimated construction cost to get a client's project to the point where it is ready to start. Some of this fee may be applied to the final cost of construction should our firm be chosen for the work.*

Pre-construction Services involve the following:
  • Timely response to your requests and correspondence.
  • Thorough understanding of field conditions and drawings.
  • Detailed estimate with detailed break-down by trade.
  • Valued engineering - many projects undergo this process when budgets are exceeded and/or design concepts get modified. The process can involve the pricing of alternate, less costly materials and methods of construction.
  • Input, if necessary, on code and permit requirements.
  • Review and/or provide solutions to even the most challenging remodeling and construction needs. We draw on decades of experience and reliable sub-contractors to review your needs and wants. These include mechanical systems, electrical systems, codes & zoning issues, water and drainage issues & building construction processes & phasing that are parts of every construction project.
  • Develop a construction schedule with anticipated start and finish dates.
These important pre-construction services are like developing a project. They involve a substantial time commitment.

Developing a team approach helps insure a successful job. Before the first footing is dug, a great deal of work will already have been done. Pre-construction Services are a critical component to the Ryan Design - Build & Renovations, Inc. team approach.

* if we spend a good deal of time reconstructing a project to improve the budget and/or "constructability" of a job we charge for this time as consultants.